Flipping Saved the Day(s)


I finally forced myself to try a bit of flipping in my classroom.  Why, why, why did it take me this long to try it?  It has been a wonderful help in my chemistry classroom.  I don’t know if the students would agree, but I think they do like learning at their own pace, and “rewinding” to learn more difficult concepts.  I have found that it helps students to focus more on their own learning then they typically do in a lecture setting.  I have seen a better focus by students translate into higher quiz and test scores.  Some of the students do balk at having to watch a video, but not too many.

My video making is not ideal yet.  Currently I am using Ink2Go to record my videos. I would love to be able to work the problems while I am talking about them, but haven’t reached that point yet.  I have yet to use my iPad for this but have thought about trying ExplainEverything.  I’ve heard such good things about it.  I would love to own the bigger iPad but so far my budget can’t accommodate its purchase.  I have tried playing around with my Surface but need more time with it when I’m not in the pressure cooker of the school year. After dipping my toes into flipping, I have found it to be something I want to do a lot more of in the future!


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