It’s the End of the School Year and I More Than Survived!

It’s almost the end of the school year and I fear I have finally done it – lost my mind!  How could any teacher be more excited at the end of her 16th year of teaching that she was when she began?   It has been a real year of growth for me in so many ways.  The “aha” moments have been too numerous to count in technology, teaching philosophy and pedagogy as well as with interactions with my students.  I have been through a lot of changes professionally and personally in a short time – going to a block schedule at our school, incorporating  1-1 computer technology, and getting my master’s in chemistry education.

There are so many new teaching tools that I have been exposed to recently and one of them is using WordPress for my class website.  There are so many more things I would like to do with my website this summer.  I am finally going to have the time to do that.  I am armed with an amazing scanner (that I “borrowed from son Chris) and my very own personal WordPress professional (my other son Nick).  This same son suggested that I use Schoology with my classes this year and I absolutely love it!  I could never go to any other type of content management system.  I haven’t had a single problem with Schoology and use it to give online tests and quizzes.


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